Here is sharing actual live data how well my client's public website & business social media sites are being working together since we had published and maintained them on May 2019. Our goal is simply to have right information of Asahi Sushi be found and listed  at the top of first page at Google Search, so that more clients can visit Asahi Sushi restaurant with the good communication and relationship.
  • Business: Asashi Sushi @ Morristown, NJ
  • Google search keyword: "asahi sushi, morristown", "sushi, morristown", "sushi, nj"
Public Website & Social Media

Business Public Website (Google Blogspot Blogger)

Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook SEO
  • Regular post & update

Google My Business 
  • Business Information
  • Public Website Link
  • Business Hours 
  • Business Direction

  • Google My Business Post 
    • Business update information
    • Special Events
    • Immediate posting to GMB information section (less than 5 minutes)

Google Search for Business
  • Search with Google map service
  • Listed as 1st Sushi restaurant by Google Search with  key word "sushi nj" 😁😁

Google Clients Review

  • Review maintenance

Goog My Business Insight

  • Analysis report by Google search




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